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Wafer Substrate Bonding Unit



MCF Wafer Substrate Bonding Unit
The WBS is a highly automated bonder available as a single or three station unit that combines vacuum and pressure bonding facilities to meet the stringent demands of today's wafer processes.
 (WBS’s)  provides high-quality bonding technology  for processing fragile semiconductor materials  such as InP, GaAs, CZT and MCT etc.
In order to reduce breakage of these expensive materials and maintain the highest quality sample yield, the bonding unit has been designed.

  Single Station, suitable for bonding 1×4″ wafer
Single Station, suitable for bonding 1×6″ wafer
Three Station, suitable for bonding 3×4″ wafers
Three Station, suitable for bonding 3×6″ wafers

Process conditions such as bonding temperatures up to 200°C and required equired vacuum are set and controlled via an LCD user interface.
WBS automates the entire bonding process of wafer chamber  evacuation, heating, pressure bonding and cooling within 30 minutes. But it depends on the mounting media, wafer size and combination of parameters.
Available as a single or three station benchtop unit, bonding three parts or entire wafers together with high standard support carrier parallelism. Wafer processing capacity of 4" or 6".
The operator can bond single or multiple wafers at the same time, which is possible on the WBS rang.
Due to the precise control of the flexible diaphragm in the control bonding chamber, the WBS rang can provide consistent bond thickness and excellent dimensional accuracy.