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Chemical Polishing machine


With the continuous development of the industry, the wafer geometries  for modern electronic devices are not only more and more strictly controlled in terms of flatness, parallelism and thickness of samples, but also require samples to have very high-quality surface finish, which are ideal for Prepare for the subsequent process.
To achieve this, MCF has developed advanced chemical polishers for the finishing process of various materials. The system achieves an excellent surface polish with minimal superficial and subsurface damage to the crystal structure.
These systems are resistant to chemicals such asBromine Methanol, Peroxide Alkaline or acid etches used in the polishing process.
● Great emphasis on safety aspects and operator convenience
● Suitability for most types of aggressive etching agents (e.g. Bromine Methanol)
● Corrosion resistant construction from Polypropylene, PVDF and epoxy painted polyurethane.
● To accommodate different sample sizes and geometries, adaptable deck arrangements are used.
Technical data
Minimal subsurface damage
Fine etch polishing of semiconductor wafers and electro-optic crystals.
Wide range of wafer sizes can be polished, 3×3"、3×4"、2×3"and 1×4".