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TM/4inch Probe Station

TM/4 is a precision 4-inch probe station solution for users who need to accurately perform IV tests on semiconductor components, materials, thin film devices, and wafers in a short period of time. The combination of a semiconductor device analyzer and a source table can be used as a laboratory device analysis and test platform.
TM/4 probe station protects the high-quality contact during the sample measurement cycle, provides a very stable system platform design, and provides a perfect vibration isolation solution that allows the user to achieve the desired measurement accuracy.  The high quality triaxial signal cable ensures that the test characteristic current reaches the fA level.
The low-noise stage provides heating options to make device testing easier. The stage uses a fast push-pull design. One-handed adjustment operation, highly flat surface and mobility make it easy for beginners and users to get started.
TM/4 probe station design is scalable and expandable, such as scalable impedance measurement (with impedance analyzer E5061B), capacitive testing up to fF levels, and protecting users' one-time investment.

Application direction: college microelectronics teaching and research, laboratory chip failure analysis, material device testing.
Test device types: optoelectronic chips, GaN chips, RF chips, organic devices, OLEDs, etc.
Test parameters: IV, CV, impedance parameters.

Technical indicators:
Can test Wafer size: 2 inches to 4 inches
Chuck XY stroke: 100mm*100mm