Three Coordinate Measuring Equ
TMG Three Coordinate Measuring Equipment

Three coordinate measuring machine is the basic principle of the parts to be tested in the range, it allows the measurement of space accurately measured point on the surface of the parts to be tested in the space of three coordinates numerical, these values through computer processing, the coordinates of point fitting form measuring elements, such as round, ball, cylindrical, cone and curved surface and so on, through mathematical calculation method of the geometric shape and position tolerances and other data.

After years of development, we have manufactured over 100 different models of such machines with 4 categories. Our customer come from research institutes and manufacture sections in aviation and aerospace, shipping, nuclear industry, auto manufacturing, and railway locomotive. In professional measurement test and non-standard equipment, holistic measuring solution and technical services can be provided for various customers. The institute has the capacity of developing, manufacturing, marketing and providing professional after-sale service. It provides technical support and measuring solutions for nearly 1000 customers every year.

Measuring range:
X:700 ~ 8000mm
Y:500 ~ 5000mm
Z:500 ~ 4000mm
(Customized range is available)
Indication error of length measurement: (1.3~12)+(1.3~12)L/1000μm (L = mm)