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FM/100QPS-LP/LS Laser Sphere Interferometers

Good imaging quality
Precision mechanical phase shift analysis system                                           
Easy to operate


FM/100QPS-LP/LS Laser Sphere Interferometers


High precision optical surface measurement of multiple lens 

Surface measurement of high precision plane optical element                

Comprehensive analysis,data processing

General specifications

Tesr Type:Fizeau interferometry

Test Beam:Φ100mm

Digital CCD:1024*1024 pixel

Zoom:1X to 6X-Remote controlled

Alignment:Simple two spot alignment

Alignment View:±0.5degrees

Phase-shifting Modes:Mechanical phase-shift(PZT)

Reference mirror:PV: λ/20

Spherical reference mirror:PV: λ/10

Precision guide,length 1000mm

Three dimensional translation,Two

dimensional angle adjustment 

Spherical reference mirror

F0.8,F1.0,F2.0,F2.8,(custom mirror)