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The wave lengh adjustment type stripe analyzing system

Principle: Wavelength tunable interferometric fringe analysis system mainly produces a certain stretching deformation by piezoelectric ceramics under high voltage, which drives the mirror to produce a small translation, changes the optical path to form interference, and restores the wavefront information of the detected parts by special algorithm.
Features: High measurement accuracy and good measurement repeatability

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The wave lengh adjustment type stripe analyzing system
The wavefront data can be expressed by visual contour maps, two-dimensional profiles and three-dimensional stereograms. The optical parameters such as Zernike polynomial, MTF, PSD, PSF, wavefront gradient and digital filtering can also be calculated and displayed.

  Software functions:


P-V value, RMS value, contour map, three-dimensional stereogram, three
Dimensional grids, X-Y profiles, interference fringes, Zernike polynomials, Seidel aberration analysis,
PSD (Power Spectrum Density), PSF (Optical Transfer Number), PSF (Point Diffusion Function), Wavefront Gradient, etc.

Other Functional

Data Preservation、Data Printing、Measurement area figure setting


Computers, Color inkjet printers,Semiconductor Tuned Laser and Analysis System Software

Power supply

210-230V 40-60HZ