Laser Interferometer
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FM/060-LP/LS Laser Sphere Interometers

Principle: Fizeau interferometer is a precise instrument based on equal thickness interferometer, which can detect the surface shape of optical elements, the wavefront aberration of optical lens and the homogeneity of optical materials. The measurement accuracy is generally 1/10-1/100, which is the average wavelength of the light source for detection.
Vertical structure,miniaturization
Easy to operate,easy to use

FM/060-LP/LS laser sphere interferometers
Optical surface measurement of all kinds of lens,spherical mirror
Plane optical element surface measurement

Tesr Type:Fizeau interferometry
Test Beam:Φ60mm
Test Wavelength:635nm(Semiconductor laser)
Alignment:Simple two spot alignment
Alignment View:±0.5degrees
Reference mirror:PV: λ/20
Spherical reference mirror:PV: λ/10