High Precision Film Thickness Instrument
TMF High Precision Film Thickness Instrument

High-precision film thickness measurement equipment is our company and the Institute of Industry and Research measurement center to work together to develop customized film thickness meter equipment, provide transparent material film thickness monitoring solutions.
In recent years, it has been deeply loved by customers in semiconductor, optoelectronic and optical communication (III-V) industries. It has been successfully used in production management to measure and monitor the thickness of new photoresistive materials and wafers, so as to improve the product yield and value.

Brand: MCF
Model: TMF Film thickness measurement instrument
Function: Measuring and monitoring the thickness of new photoresistive material and wafer
Scope of application: Semiconductor material film thickness measurement

Technology:Spectral reflection method


Film material:Oxide, Nitride, PR, ITO…dielectric film

Film thickness range:50 nm~30um,option to 350um

Stage:12inch maximum

Measure method:Single point mapping program

Spot size:Φ40um

Repeatability:<1 nm /500 nm Oxide on Si substrate

Keyword:TSV,Wafer thickness,film thickness

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