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CM/1000 Plasma Cleaner

Theory:Plasma including atoms, molecules, ions, electrons, reactive, excited atoms, molecules and radicals activation, the particles of energy and activity is high, the energy enough to destroy almost all of the chemical bonds in any exposed surface caused by chemical reaction, thus some chemical bonds was opened after combination of oxygen on highly active substances, make the material surface hydrophilicity is increased greatly, at the same time on the material on the surface of the oil and other organic macromolecule new chemical reaction, generate gaseous molecules, such as carbon dioxide, gaseous substances such as water vapour is vacuum pump away, so as to achieve the molecular level of material surface cleaning.Bonding /bonding/ printing/coating/packaging and other processes can make the products more reliable and better yield.
Product Feature:
1.Modular design,Compact Structure, Easy to install on the assembly line
2.Excellent high speed processing effec
3.Conventional treatment requires only compressed air and has a very low cost of use
4.At lower temperature, there is no thermal damage and thermal oxidation
5.Under normal processing speed substrate temperature not to exceed 45 ℃
6.Ozone emissions are minimal, less than 0.001PPM

Product Model
CM/1000 Plasma cleaner
Product Function
Surface Cleaning, Activation, Coating&Etching

Product Application:
PCB Clean                      Surface cleaning/activation of optical Glass           Sensor MEMS           Semi Microelectronics
Electron Component       Hearing AIDS/Headphones/Speakers                    Polymer Coating        Aerospace
Package Preprocessing  Consumer Electronics                                            Cod removal              The wafer bonding
PET-Thin Film                 ITO Glass                                                                LED Encapsulation    High Polymer Material
Biomedical                      Si wafers to glue                                                     Plating layer 




Plasma Gun 
Spray Gun Size:Long 200mm ;Diameter 50mm
喷枪重量:1Kg 左右
控制:近控或 PLC 控制
尺寸:宽 365mm ; 高 165mm ; 深 460mm
工艺气体:压缩空气,压力 3-4MPa
供电接入:单相 AC220V ;50/60Hz ;一路地线