Non-Contact Gauging System
Non-Contact Gauging System

The MCF provides a unique 'cushion of air' non-contact means for measuring a wide variety of materials and shapes.
Almost any homogeneous material can be measured using analogue or digital display systems reading to 0.1um.
imple to use and set up, all the advantages of electronic systems including tolerance lamps, data capture and spc are available.

Key Features:

Gauges any non-porous material

Eliminates contact contamination of delicate surfaces

No burnish marks on superfinished surfaces

Measures to 0.001mm

Gauges cylindrical or spherical shapes

Particularly suited to measurement of plastics, hard rubber, thin film, silicon wafers, and highly polished surfaces


Single nozzle application for measuring 'step heights'. Examples include silicon slices mounted on a substrate, tracks on circuit boards and partially coated (plated) surfaces.

Continuous measurement of strip materials such as plastics, tape, film stock etc. The aluminium housing for the lower nozzle provides support for the material. Single nozzle measurement is possible by passing the material over a roller.

Gauge Specification
Measuring arm with fine adjustment
Measuring range: 0-180 mm
Wafer Size:≤8inch wafer
ir Supply: Clean instrument air or other inert gas at 2 bar (Consumption is 0.2cfm)
Display Resolution: 0.1um
Probe Resolution: 2.5um
Linearity: 0.25%
Digital Display: 4.5 digit LED Units - Microns
Final Filtration: 0.5 m (0.00002”) particle size in built filter
Air Gap: 75um (Approx)
Zero Reset: Readout can be electronically zeroed anywhere in the range ±20% of full scale from the mechanical zero
Granite base size:300x210x60 mm