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WBM3 Auto-Bonding Machine


GBM300 bonding machine is design for processing thin and fragile II-VI and III-V

semiconductor wafers such as silicon, InP and GaAs require delicate

handling procedures.

The precision bonding such materials need to maintain the high quality of sample production and minimise breakage of these expensive materials in the wafer preparation process.

GBM300 machine with three-station, this highly automated machine incorporates both vacuum and pressure bonding facilities. It allows the operator to mount and bond up to three part or whole wafers with the diameter of either 4” (102mm) or 6”(152mm).

The operator adjusts the function button on the control panel on the machine, it can make all process parameters to be accurately controlled. 

GBM300 bonding machine will improve repeatability of bond thickness and production of excellent bonding wafer through precise control of the flexible diaphragm within the bonding chambers. The diaphragm ensures

the wafer is pressed into the wax layer in a controlled manner

providing a uniform, parallel cushion to protect the wafer and its devices.

Once wafer have been placed within the vacuum/pressure chambers the control system increases the vacuum and the temperature to the previously programmed values. The machine then start the bonding proceeds where temperatures are

allowed to equalise across the substrate and sample and wax outgassing

take place.After this sample has been to precision bonding the machine enters a cooling process, producing a high quality bonded wafer.

The summary of bonding process include evacuation of the bonding chamber, heating,pressure bonding and cooling.

Technical Specification:

Diameter: 159mm (6.25”)

Thickness: 8mm

Maximum capacity: 3 wafers

Power supply: 220/240V