3D Contactless Laser Profiler
3D Contactless Laser Profiler

3D contactless laser profiler: PF-60
Point autofocus instrument (ISO 25178-­605)
*has a wide measuring range with high resolution and accuracy
*measures various samples with
different materials and reflectivity
* has a good correlation with the roughness standard.
*requires a longer measuring time
3.Development (for faster measurement):
*scanning autofocus (AF) measuring method which continuously moves the xy stage during the measurement

3D contactless laser profiler
Product application:
As a new high-tech product, 3d laser scanner is widely used in machining, automobile, motorcycle, precision hardware, precision tools, tools, molds, optical components and other industries.It is suitable for scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, measurement institutions and enterprises.
In the automobile, the motorcycle, the refrigeration profession may measure the automobile, the motorcycle, the compressor piston, the piston pin, the gear and the valve push rod busbar parameter and so on May measure each kind of inclined shape part parameter.
In the bearing industry, the sealing groove shape (Angle, chamfer R, groove depth, groove width, etc.) of inner and outer ring can be measured;
Convexity, Angle and logarithmic curve of roller and ring bus of various roller bearings;
Straightness of moving body and ring of motor shaft, cylindrical pin, piston pin, needle roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing and linear bearing;Groove curvature radius and groove margin of groove of ball bearing;Double groove bearing.
Groove pitch;Four point contact bearing (peach groove) groove center distance and groove radius of curvature and so on.

1.Laser spot diameter: 1µm (@ 100×)
2.Measuring functions:
・Surface texture measurement & evaluation (2D/3D)
・Profile analysis
・Flatness analysis
Axes   Measuring range    Scale resolution
AF (Z)        10mm                 0.01µm
X                60mm                 0.1µm
Y                60mm                 0.1µm
Z                60mm                  n/a